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Car sunroof height inspection and noise inspection line


Muting effect (<)


Inspection accuracy (±)


Utilization rate


Yield rate

Product description

The equipment uses a conveyor belt with the functions of automatic positioning and calibration to transfer the sunroofs. The six-axis manipulator measures the product according to a given trajectory. Contact sensors mainly measure height, and laser sensors mainly measure contour. The sunroofs are transferred by a conveyor belt, and the product is picked and placed with the grasping robot. Operators help to detect abnormal sounds of the sunroofs. The muting effect is below 40dB, improving production efficiency and simplifying manual operation.

Product highlights

● Simulating the height and contour inspection of the sunroof in the car

● Using high-efficiency sound insulation materials, the muting effect is below 40dB

● Simulating the monitoring of the sunroof's abnormal noise when passenger are sitting in the car in riding state

● Adopting multi-level protection to effectively ensure the safety of personnel and products

● The design of the conveyor line ensures the customers' efficient production

● Compatible with a variety of products to meet customer needs for multiple product variants

● Efficient and fast one-button changeover between different product variants

● Compatible fixtures, quick type changes

● Multiple positioning, repeated inspection accuracy ±0.1mm

●  Error-proof design to reduce invalid operations

● Modular design, easy to change types and easy to maintain

Equipment parameters

Working voltageAC 220V, 50HzYield rate≥95%
Rated power9.5KWUtilization rate≥90%
Working pressure0.6±0.05MpaNumber of stations 7
Control method PLC+ touch screen+PCEquipment weight 15T
Overall dimensions11600mm*3500mm*3500mm 

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