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Automatic assembly and testing line for quick plug connectors of automobile fuel


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Product description

The automatic assembly and testing line for quick plug connectors of automobile fuel pipelines can meet the one-button type change of a variety of products, realize product assembly and air tightness testing. The testing effect is outstanding, and reaches an ultra-high product yield of 99.8 %. The equipment uses RFID solutions to trace the production of any batch of workpieces, so that the production process can be controlled and traced.

The process of the whole machine is divided into two parts: assembly and testing: the assembly section includes automatic assembly and inspection of sealing rings, isolation rings, safety rings, and lock springs; the testing section includes air tightness test, lock spring break test, flow test, and coding test. Composed of the mechanical part and the control part, the turntable is used to realize the connection between the various stations to realize the automatic assembly and testing of all the sub-parts of the automobile quick connector such as the main body, the sealing ring, the isolation ring, the safety ring, and the lock spring. The further functions include discharging of NOK parts, testing the insertion force and air tightness of the OK parts, coding the finished OK products and counting the packages.

Product highlights

● Compatible with a variety of products, can meet the assembly and production of a variety of products.

● Using RFID solutions, it is possible to query all inspection data in real time.

●  Air tightness testing system to ensure product quality.

Equipment parameters

Working voltageAC 380V,3Φ,50/60HzYield rate≥99.8%
Rated power12.95KWUtilization rate≥95%
Working pressure0.6±0.1MpaNumber of stations16
Control methodPLC + touch screenEquipment weight10.8T
Overall dimensions6000mm×3000mm×2800mm

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