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Automatic assembly and inspection line for door locks




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Product description

The equipment has a high degree of flexibility, which can realize one-button changeover between the different product types. The equipment realizes product assembly and inspection in more than 20 processes of automatic feeding, assembly, riveting and other processes, effectively saving labor costs due to a high degree of automation, to meet the customer's production requirements. The equipment uses RFID solutions to trace the production of any batch of workpieces, so that the production process can be controlled and traced. The processes include the automatic feeding, assembly, riveting, etc. of a variety of left and right small locks, such as the main body, spring, rubber block, pin, pull plate, stop claw, bolt, cover, and connecting piece. Automatic product assembly and inspection is realized, improving production efficiency and simplifying manual operations.

Product highlights

● Light curtains, start buttons and other safety mechanisms to ensure safe operation.

● One-button changeover, compatible with multiple products;

● The self-developed RFID solution can trace the production of any batch of workpieces.

Equipment parameters

Working voltageAC380±10%,50Hz Yield rate≥99%
Rated power52.58KWUtilization rate≥98%
Working pressure0.5-0.7MpaNumber of stations33
Control methodPLC + touch screenEquipment weight20T
Overall dimensions10000mmx3000mmx2500mm

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