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Assembly and testing line for car door hinges


Product compatibility


Quick change of fixtures


Yield rate


Microstop r

Product description

The equipment uses a turntable for product turnover, uses a vibrating disk feeding system, a pneumatic riveting mechanism and a spin riveting mechanism to realize the automatic assembly and riveting of bushings and pins, and uses a precision testing mechanism to achieve product function testing and improve production efficiency and quality.

Product highlights

● Flexible production, compatible with 14 product types

● Quick change of fixtures: 10 minutes to complete the change

● Lack of material warning function to ensure production capacity

●  Precision inspection mechanism to realize product function testing, improving production efficiency and quality

● Modular design, easy to maintain

● Semi-automatic design, saving cost

Equipment parameters

Working voltageAC 380V,3Φ,50Hz或 AC 220V,3Φ, 60HzYield rate≥99%
Rated power46KWUtilization rate≥85%
Working pressure0.5-0.6MpaMicrostop rate0.5%
Control methodPLC + touch screen+PC

Overall dimensions 1800×2600×2000mm

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