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Desktop computer host automatic assembly and testing line


Reduced manpower


Cycle time


Yield rate



Product description

The equipment realizes the three major functions of computer mainframe automatic assembly, testing and packaging. The equipment is highly automated, reduces labor costs, and effectively improves work efficiency. The entire line realizes human-machine interaction, which effectively guarantees the high yield rate, and it uses six-axis robots and accompanying vision systems to dynamically feed the materials; and the equipment shows  a sense of technological leadership.

The computer mainframe automatic assembly line mainly realizes the main computer case feeding, case transportation, case disassembly, motherboard assembly, motherboard insertion, and also insertion of hard disk, CD-ROM, power supply and graphics card, as well as screw locking, high voltage testing and labeling, and finished product discharging, and other functions. It uses Epson robots with accompanying vision systems to pre-assemble the memory stick; pneumatic components to press-fit the memory stick; ABB six-axis robot to realize CPU assembly; Epson four-axis robot to scan the NOK memory sticks and to absorb them and place them into the NOK material box; six-axis robots and accompanying vision systems to install the hard disk and graphics card into the case.

Product highlights

● Realizing the three functions of automatic assembly, testing and packaging of the computer host, reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency.

●  Using automation equipment to realize human-machine interaction of the whole line, improving production efficiency and yield rate.

●  Number one in the industry, technological leadership awareness.

Equipment parameters

Working voltageAC 380V,3Φ,50HzYield rate ≥95%
Rated power10.55KWUtilization rate≥95%
Working pressure0.5-0.6MpaNumber of stations15
Control methodPLC + touch screen+PCEquipment weight20T
Overall dimensions28000mm*13500mm*2000mm 

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