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Smart Factory Solution for a Server


Equipment Noise(≤)


Cycle Time of Automated Line


Yield Rate of Production Line



Product description

The entire smart factory is composed of seven areas: material storage, raw material sorting, automatic assembly, manual production line, manual inspection, automatic inspection, and finished product packaging.

Product highlights

The intelligent factory project for a server covers an area of 8,300 square meters. Based on a highly customized design concept, combined with a complete product process, it is divided into seven parts: material storage, raw material sorting, automatic assembly, manual production line, manual inspection, automatic inspection, and finished product packaging. This factory covers the complete manufacturing process of the same type of products, and is connected to the ERP system through MES, SCADA and automation to realize intelligent, flexible and digitized production.

● Storage area

  1. Reasonable logistics flow and storage;

  2. The factory layout display screen displays real-time storage information, and can be read/written via PDA.

● Unpacking area

  1. Area design fully considers ergonomics and production line smooth design;

  2. Material information is bound to the pallet code;

  3. AGV trolley material transportation adopts double-layer roller line to speed up the transfer efficiency;

  4. The conveying line can make full use of space and store more materials. The temporary storage of materials adopts the "principle of proximity"

● Automatic assembly area

  1. Realize circulation by double-speed chain pull conveyor line for pallets;

  2. Empty pallets return through the bottom of the double-layer conveyor line; realizing the docking with the MES system to ensure process information traceability;

  3. Deep understanding of technology, mature and reliable organization;

  4. Realize the integration with MES system to ensure process information traceability;

  5. Compatible development of dual CPU and SCADA system;

  6. Any combination of hard disk assembly is not affected by whether or not it is divided equally.

● Automatic test area

  1. There are two types of server entering the testing cabinet: fully automatic and manual assistance entering the testing cabinet;

  2. The professional mobile terminal development team can meet customer business customization needs.

● Flat design HMI
Various HMIs; High similarity between the display and the real object; the interface switching is flexible and simple; the displayed information is detailed; and the key parameters can be manually input.


● Controllable maintenance process

  1. Regular maintenance by setting the replacement frequency of corresponding wearing parts;

  2. When the number of times reaches the predetermined value, the system will automatically alarm and prompt;

  3. Maintenance personnel can be bound, and process operations can be traced

● Confidentiality upgrade of system management

  1. The fingerprint system is currently implemented for equipment operation authority management;

  2. Customer customization function: online product repair function;

  3. Flexible production: motherboard compatibility, hard disk compatibility, labeling compatibility;

  4. Reliable: safety, convenient for maintenance and dustproof.


Equipment parameters

Working VoltageAC 380V,50/60HzYield Rate≥99.8%
Equipment Noise≤75dBUtilization Rate≥95%
Working Pressure0.5-0.7MpaVoltage3P/470V/60Hz,3P/220V/60Hz,P/120V/60Hz
Control MethodPLC+Touch screen+PC Information TraceabilityMES+SCADA system traceability function
Overall Area8,300 square meters

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