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Automatic assembly line for high-speed train control cabinet


Product compatibility




Yield rate



Product description

As the digital functional unit of an intelligent factory, the automatic assembly and testing line of the high-speed rail control box can realize the case feeding, case transferring, case disassembly, main board assembly, main board insertion into case, screw locking, high voltage testing and labeling, and finished product discharging. It also realizes the docking with the factory internet, the collection, upload and download of production data, the quality control of the production process, and the safety protection of personnel and equipment.

Product highlights

● High compatibility: compatible with automatic production of more than 200 products of different series, adopting parametric design, and quickly importing new products through product drawings
● Information design, monitoring of production process data, docking with MES system, data traceability
● Digitalized design, using digital Digital Twin technology to realize real-time upload of production line production data, real-time monitoring of production line status, risk prediction, and remote maintenance

Equipment parameters

Working voltage

AC 380V,3Φ,50Hz

 AC 220V,3Φ, 60Hz 

Yield rate≥99%
Rated power63KWUtilization rate≥98%
Working pressure0.5-0.6MpaNumber of stations43
Control methodPLC + touch screen+PCEquipment weight68.2T
Overall dimensions 11000mmx10500mmx2300

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