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Factory solution for EV pouch cell assembly section

Product description

Based on a customized design concept, this smart factory is suitable for fully automatic assembly of stacked pouch cells, including hot pressing, X-Ray testing, ultrasonic welding, aluminum-plastic film molding, aluminum-plastic film packaging, electrolyte injection, degassing, Hot folding and other processes. The intelligent factory is composed of a whole line and a three-dimensional warehouse. The material is automatically transferred within the line, and MES data is automatically collected. The transfer between each single machine is completed by the logistics line to realize intelligent, flexible, and digitized production.

Product highlights

● Preheating oven: Preheating temperature is adjustable at RT until 150℃, with an adjustable accuracy of ± 1℃; the cleanliness degree of the baking environment can reach 10,000;

● Hot press: real-time feedback of pressure value, PID control, alarm for temperature exceeding upper and lower limits, and real-time display of temperature changes through the panel;

● X-ray测试:一套X-ray测试仪可兼容所有产品检测,柔性化生产,极组检测:过杀率≤2%,漏杀率0%;

● 超声波预焊:有密封式除尘机构,末端风速≥20m/s,风压实时检测,超下限报警;

● Hi-pot测试机:每组检测机构可内部自检作为导通防呆,确保检测成功率;

● 极耳裁切机:模组切离精度可达±0.03mm,正、负极裁切刀非一体式结构分开设计,可实现快速更换,材质超硬合金,寿命>30万次;

● 极组测厚机:检测重复精度±0.015mm;

● 铝塑膜成型机:独立的喷码机台, 喷码效果更好;冲坑成型精度≤±0.2mm;

● 铝塑膜封装机:顶封和角封集成,一次封装到位;封印厚度控制精度≤±15μm;

● 液机:防滴液双重保护设计、真空除气泡设计、注液系统清洗设计;

● Degassing机:电池竖直Degassing,气袋朝上;

● 切边机:切刀修磨寿命≥20万次,修模次数≥10次;

● 厚度测试机:检测重复精度±0.015mm,测试精度高。

Equipment parameters

工作电压AC380±10% 50Hz优率≥98%
控制方式PLC + touch screen+MES设备重量0.7T/㎡

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