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EV prismatic battery cell assembly line

Product description

The assembly line mainly realizes a total of more than 10 processes, from the docking of the winder/stacker to the positive pressure helium testing and discharging of the finished battery. The whole line is divided into more than ten machines (including logistics line), and is compatible for the manufacturing process of 4 variants of products of the same type. The assembly line relies on MES system, intelligent logistics and warehousing to realize intelligent manufacturing. Sensors and electric motors use a coordinated stopping method, which greatly reduces dust generation.

Product highlights

● Appearance upgrade: continuously optimizing the appearance design of the EV battery assembly lines, and striving to give the outer appearance of the whole lines a more technological sense;

● Integration of the control platform: integrated control, disappearance of hardware, maintenance personnel reduction by 50%;

●  Data management platform: from automation to digital management of operations, developing a new digital platform (real-time inspection of result of inserting cell into housing);

● Flexible production: supporting online repair, setting up independent repair procedures, realizing the record extraction and coverage of multi-layered information;

● Short-distance feeding: intelligent online warehouse; equipment feeding is reasonable and simple.

Equipment parameters

Working voltageAC380±10%Yield rate≥99%
Rated power17KWUtilization rate≥97%
Working pressure0.5-0.7MpaNumber of stations124
Control methodPLC + touch screen+MESEquipment weight1T/㎡
Overall dimensions30500mm*17200mm*2500mm

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